2022 Training Pause

Training CREW is back for the year of 2022 @ Cabela’s in Allen, TX.

We want to thank all the students that allowed Training CREW to provide them with the Hunter Education experience and wish everyone well in their hunting endeavors.

We want to take a moment and share a true TPWD Hunter Education success story.

Mr. “CJ” took the TPWD Hunter Education course from Training CREW @ Cabela’s Allen, TX on 11/21/2021

On the morning of 11/22/2021 “CJ” got this beautiful buck.

Congratulations “CJ” a job well done we are proud of you.

Training CREW wants to express we are proud of all our students.

Look for us to be back in early 2022 offering TPWD Hunter Education courses again @ Cabela’s – Allen, TX.

Training CREW also wants to THANK Cabela’s and the staff @ Allen, TX for making 2021 a great teaching year everyone should be proud of the 100’s of students we reached to become safe hunters.